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I m natural psychic, astrologer, therapist, tarotist,dream interpreter, numerologist, I work with energy , reiki, runas, I chi, pendulum, angel communication, etc.. I have the gift to percive energies and vibrations. As therapist I work with different techniques, reading faces, reading bodies, coaching ontologic, transformation and orientation to help people. I m astrologist, can check the chart of each and check the compatibility between couples or any person, check work and all in the chart. I M ALWASY HONEST AND DIRECT SO IF YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW YOUR TRUTH , NO SUGARCOAT , COME WITH ME AND LET ME HELP YOU TO FIND THE MISSING PIECE IN YOUR PUZZLE!.. :) BLESSINGS! :) .. ;)


Love reading, Tarot Cards, Love Compatibility, Dream Analysis, Spiritual Guidance, Rune Cards,
Tarot Cards, Angel Cards,Horoscope reading, Chinese Astrology, Karmic Astrology, Western Astrology, Palm analysis, Reiki, Rune Healing, Family Issues, Mind and Body, Career and Work,
Numerology Reading, Birthdate Analysis, Karmic Numbers, Life Path and Destiny,
Feng Shui, I Ching, Angel Communication, Angel Reading, Pendulum

Experience and Qualifications

I born with many gifts that come from family, since child my mother guide me and she taught me to handle the gifts acquired by inheritance. she taught me astrology and all the esoteric and mysticism things. later I studied professionally everything she taught me as tarot, astrology, I chi, runes, energy management (reiki) pendulum, communication with angels, etc ... and reaffirming it with psychology. all this helps me to know and help more people as much as possible. I am always very sincere and direct, I prefer to tell you an "uncomfortable truth that a comforting lie" ... the best way to help is by telling the truth !....I just say what I have to say, what the person needs to hear at the moment. My teachers of light and angels and spiritual guides guide me. besides guiding me in the techniques mentioned above. I have all my life with my gifts and what I learned from my mother and what I learned professionally around 11 years. I work with people every day. helping others helped me. :)


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everyday, no weekends


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