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I see your aura to understand your personal baggage , attributes and personal demons. All I require from you is 3 favorite colors, 3 favorite creatures and the 3 colors you dislike most. I can see your past, present and future.
I can help you to create a finer destiny for yourself with positive affirmations and an appreciation of what true love is.


Aura Readings.
Psychic Readings.
Dream Analysis.
Photo Readings

Experience and Qualifications

I have been reading auras 20 years , face to face , on psychic fairs, including Tarot, psychic counselling, spiritual guidance.

Worked in the UK, Australia and Mexico.

Creator of Cognitive Image Profiling 34 years ago.


Working hours
All week 9 am till 5 pm


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Psychic Rates

  • Text Chat: 3.99/min
  • Video Chat: 2.99/min

Main information

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  • English