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★ Clear & Accurate Psychic Predictions★Most Powerful Readings
Accurate, Honest, Positive & None Judgmental Readings.

Some of my specialties are : Love & Relationship Expert Giving accurate predictions & time frames. 35 Yrs Exp.You can know his/ her true intentions for you now ! I am honest and truthful. With no sugar coating. I am a honest warm compassionate person with genuine concern for your problems. I CAN HELP YOU WITH Love and relationships ❤ Right partner RELATIONSHIPS MARRIAGE SOUL MATES TWIN FLAMES .PAST / PRESENT/ FUTURE . GAY / LESBIAN , BUSINESS WORK& CAREER ❤ Help with Marriages and prevent divorces❤ Reuniting families and couples❤ Finding Your Soulmate. Twin flames❤Cheating/unfaithfulness ❤ Guidance and help on all matters. Finances and career★❤ Luck with finding a job❤ Financial breakthrough❤ Money Luck❤

Help with Marriages and prevent divorces❤ Reuniting families and couples❤ Finding Your Soulmate. Twin flames❤Cheating/unfaithfulness ❤ Removal Of Curses and Hexes.
I specialize in doing long distance healing. Its very effective.
Some of the tools I use are / Clairvoyance - Tarot cards- Crystal Ball- Runes- My Spirit Guides.
My Special Gift is also : Helping to heal the body mind and spirit. During your phone session just request a healing by giving me by giving me your details and picture. I will then give you instructions. And I will work on you for 30 days. These
sessions are very powerful and I have had very good luck with long distance healing in the past. I have helped thousands.
During my psychic readings. You may not hear what you want to hear, But you will always hear the truth. I will tell you no lie.
If things seem to be hopeless I can help. You are not alone. Get real help now !


I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and an clairsentient. I use the crystal ball when im guided to by my spirit guides. I can see all sides of the situation you are asking about...be it work, love or
spirituality and guide you towards your best path. I believe in the power of love that we are spiritual beings living in a physical body. Using a psychic is similar to getting a map of your life's path. While there are many stops along the way you can receive spiritual guidance on which bumps to avoid, and which paths are beneficial to your souls growth. Sometimes the message is not what we want to hear but it is what we need to hear so that we do not manifest the same lesson to learn again. This has made me extremely clairsentient and able to relate to people in all situations. My Prayer For You- Is That Your Reading- Be In Your Highest Expectations- And Best Interest!

Experience and Qualifications

Love / Relationships / Money / Prosperity / Career / Work Breakups / Divorce / Family Long Distance Healing of the mind body and spirit, curses, cleansing and personal problems. Im a Life coach to help you achieve your goals and dreams.
I am a experienced psychic & energy healer with 36 years of experience.
I am stand up on stage psychic and I have giving many readings to those in the audience for over 20 years. I have been a special guest psychic at may psychic fairs all over the world. I have given thousands of readings in person and over the phone to clients that helped them. I have done psychic readings over the radio and in churches. I have worked many psychic phone hotlines.

As a professional reader, I have helped 49 clients, that I no about to reconnect with ex spouses and x Lovers. I have helped to heal the relationships of X spouses after divorce. I have helped clients make the right career decisions. I have helped a client to pursue a very specific discipline of software coding and he is currently receiving a high 8 figure offers for his company.
And is now living the good life.

I have foretold to clients that were in sales how much there biweekly pay checks were going to be ! With accuracy!

I have described to people what the insides of there homes look like. And I told one client that the water pipes in their home had bursted and water was leaking all over the floors. They rushed home from work to shut the water off. And called a plumber to do the repairs.
My Client had problems trying to have children. She had tried for 5 years, she was about to give up. She then as a last resort asked me would she ever have children. I told her yes. And that she needed to pray on it. Then she would have a child in 2 years and it would be a girl. 2 yrs 6 months later she contacted me and told she had the baby girl and the baby was healthy.

Reiki Most of my Reiki healing clients report to me that they have energy up to 3-4 days after a session with me.


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Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


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