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Crystal Reader and Consultant.
Over 30 years of experience in the Psychic World,I can offer a great deal of insight into your questions.

I am a Remote Viewer, and Intuitive Seer. My readings are Direct and to the Point.I would like to make this experience as informative and enlightining as possible,and you do play a big role in it.I do ask only one thing of you when you enter a session with me,please, enter with an open and receptive mind and a positive attitude.

I do use crystals on my readings,as they have been used for hundreds of years in readings to: Balance Chakras,Remove Negative Energy,Cleanse Auras,Improve Love Life,Generate a Positive Attitude,Attract a Mate,Bring Peace of Mind.A crystal reading is not a soulotion to one's problems,but a guide that enables them to focus,or direct their own energyto get in touch with their innermost being.Cyrstals are powerful carriers of energy,they have a soothing quality to reduce stress,ease emotional tension,rid oneself of negative energy,and to clear mental confusion.Thye have also been known to heighten self awareness.

A crystal session can assist in regulating the flow of energy emitted from one's body,and also release a blocked energy pattern in order to gain inner peace,harmony,and balance.

Experience and Qualifications

Crystal readings,Aura Cleansing,Bring your lost lover back.Find out if he/she is faithful to you.Get out of that negative slump with a session of meditation....


Working hours
Every day from 9:00 to 19:00

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Serhan 24 December in 03:51 Another excellent session with her- I love that she can cut through the noise and provide guidance from another perspective and really helps to keep me grounded and focused on the big picture. So Grateful
HeartDaggerrrr 24 December in 03:47 so patient and really takes the time to clarify things that are sometimes difficult to comprehend. I am so grateful for her guidance and friendship
Flyby Baby 24 December in 03:42 Very amazing reading Matches actual situation
... good and fast read I will come back and change the 5 Stars if the timing of the prediction comes true
Zanabbia 24 December in 02:35 Great read. Everything you have said has come true and i can't wait to see that the future holds for me.
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