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I have dreams and some of them are notable in that they become reality just days before the event happened. Two such dreams are the Newcastle Earthquake 27/12/89 in NSW and The Beaconsfield Mine Collapse 25/4/2006 in Tasmania. At the time of having these dreams I did not know what I was seeing.

My most recent success was helping a client locate her missing son who was on the run from the authorities.

Through years of life experiences, i have developed the skills of clearing the addictions of drug, alcohol, sex and gambling, working with my guides i can help you accept these issues and learn to work your way through them.

I have worked and trained in social services for 30yrs. I am happy to help parents/partners and siblings of addicts. I only do these readings in private.

I offer a willing ear and thoughts for people experiencing domestic violence, both mental and physical. I do this in private only.

Another time I only do private readings is when talking about our heavenly angels who have crossed over.

Now, what can I do for you? How can we get the answer you are seeking? I cannot give you the answer but I can give you a sense of direction on how to manage your life. If you don't want the truth don't ask and if you don't like the answer please don't mistake me with the label fake. I don't go to your workplace and call you names in a room full of people. I certainly don't get work done for free.

Get your thoughts moving and start changing the world around you by changing your thoughts first. Learn from your past, fix your present and plan your future.

I am here to give you a deeper insight regarding your situation. I am non-judgemental and my views are always unbiased. Let me be humble enough to remind you that you have come to my place of work. I am a worker trying to earn a wage. I am not a free holiday treat.

Finally, be strong because things will get better.. It may be stormy now but it never rains forever.

I am Nana Knows.


*The following 3 specialities are not with me 24/7.they are what I call natural extensions that I sometimes experience with my basic senses.
clairvoyance (vision),
clairsentience (feeling)
clairaudience (hearing)
*I favour my readings like having a conversation with an old pal who knows you. The reading is clear with no loss of direction and minimal confusion..An accurate psychic reading is clear.
*An ability to listen and really hear what client is saying
*A willingness to assist client on their chosen pathway
*Trainined in addiction support for families
*Ability to assist and offer support for victims of domestic violence
*Relationships within the home
*Lover relationships
*Small windfalls. I do not deal with major financial work because I am not qualified
*I don't deal with health issues because I am not medically qualified
*Anything unsettling in client's life, II am happy to work this through with the client to an end solution satisfactory to client.

Experience and Qualifications

*54 yrs LIFE experience

*Working on another site where I have over 100 reviews, all positive and all voluntary.\

*30yrs experience working and being trained in social welfare industry

*Trained and worked with persons suffering addictions, domestic violence and homeless

*Expert and operator on Psychic site


Working hours
.Every day from 9am til 4pm EST

I work nights too but they are when I am available and not to any plan, sorry.

If you would like to make an appointment come to my room and we can arrange.

I will do Y/N free question only. Anything extra must become private. Thank you.

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Loopylou 19 January in 07:14 Oh wow this lady is above and beyond amazing, she reads your mind and picks up on your thoughts , I would recommend her 100%
Natalia 16 January in 21:32 Thank you! lovely reading, honest and loyal
Gt123 2 January in 10:35 So incredibly helpful, really cares about people
annu12 28 December in 20:17 mam thankyou so much for giving me advise for my future. you'r the one of my favourite and excellent psychic. you help me alot every time whenever i need.
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