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Hello and Welcome to my site. It will be my honor to assist you in the best possible way. My general expertis have helped many people along the way and now i'm here to help you too. My approach is supportive, empowering, compassionate and honest, that will give you fresh insight and clarity into your situation, so you can take next step and make life based decisions, neseccary for change and move forward in your life. Whether its relationships, family issues, addictions, depression, confidence, grief, eating disorders, i will give you advice in all life matters and guide you towards the right direction.

I believe in self healing and removing obstacles that are in your way for your personal growth and success. Once obstacles are identified and removed, you will become more aware of yourself and will have strenght to be ready to shift your conciousness to the next level for fresh start and feel more free and in control of your life.

To my help i'm using my channeling skills to channel important information for you. Im also using law of attraction and other various guidance systems such as inner knowing, feeling and sensing, clairsentient abilities,to give you best possible advice and guidance. Becuase i have helped myself in all matters in my own life i have gained lots of wisdom and knowledge from my my life experience to make sure to feel good everyday.


Im specialing in all matters of life. Relationships, Family issues, Confidence, self-esteem, empowement, law of attraction, natural medicine, mindfullness, depression, eating disorders, grief.

Experience and Qualifications

I have helped many people along my path both online and in real world for over 15 years.

I have as well worked online as a therapist/coach on 7cups.com for 3 years. Below is the link to my profile and reviews.


One year course in addictions and social behavior patterns in Hola College, Sweden.


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Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


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