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I believe that knowledge is power. If we know how someone feels about us, or where a relationship is going, or what we can do to better our relationship, then that can only be a good thing. I can help you see how someone feels about you. We can also look at your relationship and see what is working, what is not working, and what you can do to change things if you want to do that. Love is such a simple, yet such a complex thing and having an objective, and honest, third "eye" to look through is such a helpful tool. Let us take a look at your love life (all phases of it) and tweak it to make it the best it can be.

Or are you looking for love? Do you need to know who is best for you or what you should do to bring love to you? We can also look at that.

You bring an open mind and an open heart and together, we will find your answers.

Please bear in mind that TIME FRAMES are mostly based on choice which cannot be predicted not even by "Spirit" / God. Free will was given to us so that we COULD make our own choices. So time frames are not always predictable.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you wish to contact me to schedule a reading, feel free to do so.

Email readings only available to clients that I have already spoken with in LIVE CHAT.

If The Universe gives you instructions about your situation or a chore list in your reading, and you don't follow or do any of it, please don't come back and blame me OR God. It's your fault if you don't listen to instructions.

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Ashwari 24 December in 03:55 was great! What I love about her is that you rarely have to type/say anything and she just takes over. I feel much better!!
Gina Marie5 23 December in 03:53 very quick to pick up energy root of issue. Some things I didn't necessarily want to hear, but in my heart of hearts know to be true. Please give her a try.
Stardust 23 December in 03:15 SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GREAT to catch up with you
Loving Soul 23 December in 03:03 Quietsound is always honest and forthcoming. She is quick and tells the truth I don't you can ask for better!
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