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"Psychic Geis"
* I place myself between:
1) The "Auditive" Medium
The members of this category differ from the others as they hear the voice of the entities. It can be perceived in two ways different from the medium. Sometimes as an inner voice as if it came from within the ear, other times it is as clear and distinct as the voice of a living being.
2) The "Seers" Mediums The mediums belonging to this category can see the entities during the waking state. For this reason, they retain an exact memory.
3) Medium "From Presentations"
This dowry can be in the more or less developed medium; it starts from a simple sensation until it glimpses part of future events, positive or negative.
4) Psychometrics (remote view): the ability to see events related to things and places.
For over twenty years I have worked as a Cartomancer and Sensitive and I have had my successes and I hope to have more to be able to help others to overcome the difficulties of life.
I wait for you every day; a greeting and good luck from "Psychic Geis".


Psychic gift, reading of twenty-two major Arcana and twenty-six minor Arcana, Medium, Cartomancy, Clearvoyant. I am resolving for you, crisis couple, relationship issue, cheating couple, cheating marriage, come back again of your former, work issue, issue of social life. Reading with the power of mind about what's will be happen in your future. My Psychic gift it is in my own form when i was born in the 1968 and during the journy of my life I have known more people with the same psychic gift like me. I have travelled in a different places abroad and to know these people with theri particular psychic gift and inner gift, I could learnd more possible things to increase my knowledege on the reading tarot deck and also to use my Psychic gift, my power of mind to lead other people that have need of help yet.

Experience and Qualifications

My experience in the esoterism and cartomancy world, it is with a work to contact with the people in my studio, in my office to reading the tarot deck to these people. In my past I have helped more people to resolve their issue in love, relationship, marriege, couple, and issue about job.


Working hours
Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


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