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When I was not in India with these gurus, I was mostly in America, and would synchronistically always find myself under the teachings of Native American medicine people. As I am of Native American lineage myself (registered with the Cherokee Nation – my grandfather was full blood Cherokee, and my grandmother apparently had Native blood as well, including Arapaho, Shawnee and Pawnee), these teachings spoke to my lineage, and seemed a profound balance of sacred ‘earthiness’ and appreciating all things as they are, and helped me to accept my Native American heritage. I enjoyed learning the ancient and sacred ways. In the true Native American path, there are no shortcuts. One must dedicate many years of one’s life to this path. I liked the fact that it required dedication and discipline.

Some of the Native teachers I studied with along the way (from the time I was 17 until now), were Wallace Black Elk (Lakota); Ed McGaa (Eagle Man - Lakota); Buck Ghosthorse (Lakota); Gloria Two Feathers (Lakota); Brant Secunda,a Huichol shaman; Linda Ross, a profound Navaho medicine woman; Johnson Denison, esteemed Navaho medicine man; David Singing Bear (Cherokee); Rowanna (head of the Hopi medicine society for women); Uqualla (Havasupai ceremonial leader); Michael Harner (an anthropologist who studied shamanism with the Salish tribe in Washington); Sun Bear (Crow) and many others. From Native Americans, I learned, participated and led Sweat Lodge ceremony; Pipe ceremony; Sun Dance; Vision Quest, involving fasting and prayer; trance and trance mediumship; the use of masks; extractions; psychic surgery; shape-shifting; shamanic journeying; shamanic initiations, including shaking tent and Yuwipi; connection to totem animal and plant spirit medicine; drumming and chanting, and Native songs and prayers; Blessing ceremony; and many more things.

Due to my interest in shamanism, I have met over the past 30 years, shamans from Mongolia, Tibet, Nepal, Indonesia, South America, and Celtic, and studied with them, finding their paths resonating with the Native American path.

I also spent time in Hawaii and lived there on and off (in the 1990’s), and studied with Native Hawaiian teachers as well. I also met many other profound gurus of note, including Giridar, a Vipassana teacher. I was the kirtan walla for his ashram in Madya Pradesh, India.

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Serhan 24 December in 03:51 guide me when i am feeling confused or unsure. She really helps me cut through the chatter that pops up in my head and see the big picture. So grateful!
HeartDaggerrrr 24 December in 03:48 Another really insightful session with ws. She is so experienced in really helping one see beyond the logic and surface of what is right in front of you. It really helps keep thing in perspective. So Grateful!!
Flyby Baby 24 December in 03:44 ran out of credit, but you are totally right. See you soon. I think he is one of the best, fast and great advice.
Gina Marie5 23 December in 03:55 Knew personality and dynamics of a relationship situation without me prompting it, gave great feedback on what would happen next and how I would feel when it did - the timeline hasn't happened yet for that to take place, but I am awaiting it eagerly!
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