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A spiritual being experiencing the physical existence. I am compassionate, direct, empathetic, gentle, fierce, peaceful and mystical. I tailor-suit your needs and give you what you need. My work is empowering, ethical, healing and honest. I work with loving energies and we use unconditional love to make miraculas changes. I am a channel or a vessel through which energy flows. I can help you manifest your desires using techniques and meditations. We do not work against others free will and most definitely do not indulge in lower frequencies.

When I say "we" I refer to the higher energies I turn to such as angels, goddess, and god. I believe in spirit which is the soul, always eternal. Communication and being open works wonders. Trust in your self and stick to your faith. Come to me, and together we can see, whatever it is, we can do this! Never give up and always be happy. For it is your passions which gives you that bliss.


I am my specialty. I am magical, I am unique. I offer my specialties with a touch of my own signature. You can read my experience and qualifications for further insight. I can work with your wants and use my inner wisdom to and gifts to shed light on areas where need be.

Experience and Qualifications

Fully qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Rahanni Celestial Healing Practitioner, Reike Practitioner, successful completion of several courses including: Psychic development, mediumship, Kundalini, Chakra work, spiritual reading via oracle cards, empowerment workshops, confidence building, addictions, self-love, self acceptance and unconditional love, animal therapy.


Working hours
Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


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  • Text Chat: 3/min
  • Video Chat: 3.99/min

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