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  • Dragon
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    Expert in Career & Money forecastI speak: English, French, Italian
  • tgtarotpsychic
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    Honest and Accurate Psychic Tarot Readings. Life & Business Coaching. Over 50+ years Experience.
  • Love Assutance 143
    Love Assutance 143 Offline
    i am here to help you and to guide you towards a better life. I am here to remove your confusion.
  • Power of Psychic
    Power of Psychic Offline
    Real Psychic | Real Advice on Love & Money | Relationships & Soul Mates. Career Updates. Accurate.
  • Love Assurance.
    Love Assurance. Offline
    let me help you about your Relationship,EX,Soulmate,Caree r and much more.I helped thousand of people
  • PowertoPhy
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  • PsychicHekite
    PsychicHekite Offline
    Hello, my name is Psychic Hekite, I am excited to help everyone with any issue in their life. I neve
  • Luna Tarot
    Luna Tarot Offline
    Hi my name is Luna I am a tarot card reader, Empath, and Clairsentient.
    *Only Email
    *No calls sorry
  • psychic maera
    psychic maera Offline
    Are You Seeking the Answers to life's questions,join me for clarity in relationship & career.
  • lovereader
    lovereader Offline
    You can join me to consult for Love-relationship,health,marri age ,kids issue,money ,business,family.
  • expertarel
    expertarel Offline
    I am 3rd genration psychic born with extra god gifted powers.
    MIRACLE MAN Offline
    I give Guidance for love,broken relationship, reunite,career & health. Also i give remedy and heali
  • LightGateAb
    LightGateAb Offline
    Fast and Accurate-Truthful Answers from a Caring and Experienced Advisor...
  • Honey love 143
    Honey love 143 Offline
    let me return ur lover.let me guide u about ur love, career and astralogy.
  • spiritoffaith
    spiritoffaith Offline
    I am astrologer I can help with matters of love, employment, money, future, time frames, or any othe
  • Psychic Energy
    Psychic Energy Offline
    I am natural born psychic reader. I can bring past lovers back
  • Psychic Asma
    Psychic Asma Offline
    I offer accurate compassionate spiritual readings that will help you on your path.
  • Psychic rehan
    Psychic rehan Offline
    hello, i am psychic rehan.I will not lie to you. I will not insult your intelligence
  • renewable energy
    renewable energy Offline
    Feeling confused or unsure about what to do? I can help! My readings are clear and to the point.
  • Adviser Luqman
    Adviser Luqman Offline
    I can solve your every problem. Give me a chance to help you . I will help you in your all problems.
  • Psychic Mark
    Psychic Mark Offline
    I’m a natural born psychic. I’m a love and relationships specialist. I am great at what I do
  • Lover shine
    Lover shine Offline
    i am a god gifted spiritual ability to solve the problem of all people i can help you.
  • askhaniya
    askhaniya Offline
    As an intuitive empath/psychic advisor/dream analyst, I utilize my gifts of second sight, clairvoyan
  • love Guru 07
    love Guru 07 Offline
    I'm a God Gifted Psychic Medium & provide spiritual readings in love relationship, soulmate connecti
  • Psyche Expert
    Psyche Expert Offline
    I dont like sugar coating.I just give you straight forward solution of your all types problems.
  • Love Master Al
    Love Master Al Offline
    I have worked on many psychic fairs. I'm a stand up on Stage Psychic.
  • Truth Adviser
    Truth Adviser Offline
    I feel that I am a gifted, honest, and caring counsel.
  • psychic felming
    psychic felming Offline
    More than 15 years to serving the people through healing. i will solve your every problem.
  • ProbSolver
    ProbSolver Offline
    Famous for 100% Predictions Happening, All Truth no Sugar Coating, 1000's of Testimonials
  • wisdomspirit
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    Hi there, Its WISDOMSPIRIT the healing expert and ReUnion Expert. Visit me for honest inSight :)
  • anjum
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    I am love master and I will read your whole existence without asking any question. I give the exhort
  • physic neo
    physic neo Offline
    I am a passionate truth teller. So, I help with my heart and I will tell you only what I read, there
  • only one hope
    only one hope Offline
    I am a spiritual advisor and counselor.I guide using my intuition abilities and connect using names
  • LoveFragrance
    LoveFragrance Offline
    100 %” predications’ true I was born with my "gifts". Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient
    . I was born into a highly spiritual family and am a “3rd-Generation” Professional Clairvoyant Empathy. I do not use any divination tools but rely purely on my gifts of empathy, clairsentience and clairvoyance to tune into your vibrations. I have been a gifted psychic for the 30 years.I use my gift of being clairvoyant, the powers of the universe, tatot , The secret and my powerful spell to help you I can find true love in your life or reunite you with a love,If you need resolve your romantic issues ,online dating, single mother, separation issues .If you have any kind of questions related to job, business grow, business partner I will help you to get spiritual cure for this problem too. Spiritual Healing and realignment of energies will help you in many ways.
  • TrustWorthy Psy
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    I am 8th generation multi-intuitive and GOD gifted Psychic. I recognized that I had a gift since I was child. I have over 12 years of experience Specializing in love and relationships I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient; which means I am blessed with sight, hearing, and feeling from the spiritual world with the loving guidance of the angelic realm. You will find my style straightforward and fast. I won't tell you 'Fairy Tales' or waste your time chatting. I have helped my clients find the love & happiness within themselves and their relationships that had seemingly evaded them for years. I've helped healing happen where traditional methods have disappointed or even failed. I will give you insight into the things that are happening now and what's to come. If it's the truth you are looking for, then look no further. I approach every reading with total integrity and give all my clients the respect they deserve. Is he or she cheating? Does he or she love me? Is he or she my soul-mate? Are we Twin-flame? I can answer all these questions plus more! In all areas of life. Love and Relationship, Carrier, Money And more.
  • LoveExperter1
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    Time Frames, Relationships, Guidance, ,Marriage and soulmate Reading With Straight Forward Accurate