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  • Mystic Andrea
    Mystic Andrea Offline
    Expert in Dream InterpretationI speak: Russian, Romanian, Thai
  • White Star
    White Star Offline
    Expert in Dream InterpretationI speak: English, German
  • LoveExpert
    LoveExpert Offline
    Expert in Dream InterpretationI speak: English
  • Balota
    Balota Offline
    Expert in Dream InterpretationI speak: English, French, Spanish
  • solution expert
    solution expert Offline
    I am blessed with gift of clairvoyance, giving me the ability to convey messages from a higher power. I have been helping people for over 10 years, communicating with Angels and Spirit Guides. Your reading with me will be to the point, and contain answers of truth. I can teach you how to detach the negative energy that is controlling you, and regain your sanity through the help of God and his Angels. I am being honest with the answers I receive. Let me offer solutions to your problems with crystal and colors healing. I have assisted many people of all lifestyles to a better relationship, love, marriage, reunite, career, health, etc. PLEASE HAVE YOUR QUESTIONS READY, and do keep in mind, I may have to ask questions to get a clear and fast answer for you. Please leave feedback when you have completed your session with me.
  • Ameliafalls
    Ameliafalls Offline
    Specializing in love all matters of life all walks of life
  • Psychic Michael
    Psychic Michael Offline
    When you call me, you will receive warm and caring insight from a well respected, ethical Reader. I
  • love love
    love love Offline
    HI I am 8th generation born psychic i have god powers if you want any help for good& bright
  • psychicdeya
    psychicdeya Offline
    Hello my name is spirit expert i can tell you abut love relationship and other issues of life ......
  • Problem solver
    Problem solver Offline
    Love and relationships are a major part of human experience, but they easily confuse many of us. Let
  • Psychic Finn
    Psychic Finn Offline
    I am natural born psychic.I am love and relationship specialist and my readings are based on truth
  • PsychicRaaza
    PsychicRaaza Offline
    I offer my services in each and every aspect of life as I have got this power of spirituality and I
  • Angle light1
    Angle light1 Offline
    no information
  • Jennywithlove
    Jennywithlove Offline
    Stop here!The best tarot reader! Using hungarian gypsy cards.
    Rhythms and Cycles reader using special tarot cards. Sensing Auras.
  • HealingMiraculus
    HealingMiraculus Offline
    Hi my name is Noor and I am working from past few years I am accurate and free and easy to talk with
  • LightGateAb
    LightGateAb Offline
    Fast and Accurate-Truthful Answers from a Caring and Experienced Advisor...
  • spirtualPowers
    spirtualPowers Offline
    I have had years of experience connecting with my most intuitive self to bring forth angelic message
  • spiritoffaith
    spiritoffaith Offline
    I am astrologer I can help with matters of love, employment, money, future, time frames, or any othe
  • Kayla Vates
    Kayla Vates Offline
    I am a Clairsentient and a Clairvoyant reader. Reiki master Healer. I practice planetary magick.
  • Psychic raino
    Psychic raino Offline
    Are you feeling lost and not knowing who to turn to? He is an experienced claircognizant and clairvo
  • Love Addiction Specialist
    Love Addiction Specialist Offline
    Over 15yr of experience with ongoing studies,training and accurate readings for present and future.
  • Psychic Alexander
    Psychic Alexander Offline
    Love & Relationship Expert, Life Advisor, and Spirit Guide.
  • TruthHealer
    TruthHealer Offline
    I can help you to maintain your life as you desire.
  • fragrance of love
    fragrance of love Offline
    love is a clairsentient , compassionate soul excited about helping clients heal and mediations help
  • Lovers Choice
    Lovers Choice Offline
    I offer accurate compassionate spiritual readings that will help you on your path.
  • Rising star
    Rising star Offline
    I have God gifted abilities that can help you heal. Help you to feel new hope in your life.
  • sulmatelie1
    sulmatelie1 Offline
    As I grew older, I became more aware of my abilities and what I could offer to this precious world.
  • Psychic Paul
    Psychic Paul Offline
    I can tell you about your love life, present, the past, and future. I will tell you what is coming f
  • Love Expert*
    Love Expert* Offline
    I have inherited my psychic abilities from my mother who was emphatic and my great grand mother.
  • master of love
    master of love Offline
    I utilize soul manages alongside my blessing to see into your future. My mystic readings are constantly legit, straight forward, and effective. I will likewise direct you to accomplishing the relationship you need and engage you to satisfy your deepest desires. I will reveal why you may feel trapped in a hopeless cycle and inspire you to take a gander at yourself, your profession, your connections and your life, from an alternate point of view. I guarantee you that a clairvoyant relationship perusing, mystic love perusing, perfect partner perusing, twin fire relationship perusing or mystic life instructing session, with me will get you a great deal more understanding and conquering what you feel might keep you away from getting your fullest objectives throughout your life, profession and love. Utilizing my blessings of mystic instinct, hyper vision and sympathy I am ready to see things all the more unmistakably and direct you to the correct way for your life and your spirit. I will likewise manage you to accomplishing the relationship you need and enable you to satisfy your deepest desires.
  • SevenGuides
    SevenGuides Offline
    I like to get straight to the facts,frank and to the point!No sugar coat! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • wisdomspirit
    wisdomspirit Offline
    Hi there, Its WISDOMSPIRIT the healing expert and ReUnion Expert. Visit me for honest inSight :)
  • smartsoul
    smartsoul Offline
    I am love and relationship specialist.
  • masterenigma
    masterenigma Offline
    Hi, I am master of love, Love Expert, I am good in Love and relationship, I am also great in predic
  • SpiritualFriend
    SpiritualFriend Offline
    I will help you with all matters of life like love life, career, marriage, job and cheating affairs.
  • Merry withlove
    Merry withlove Offline
    I have a lot of experience in telling your present, past and future. I can also tell you about your
  • ShePsychic
    ShePsychic Offline
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ TV TOP RATED ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Certified Astrologer
    Spirit guided
  • Le jolnhh
    Le jolnhh Offline
    Expert in Dream InterpretationI speak: English, Hindi
  • LoveAdviserSultana
    LoveAdviserSultana Offline
    Are you having trouble with your Life, Family and Relationships, or Career?