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  • Psychic George
    Psychic George Free Chat
    The concept of reading came to me early. As a gift for my tenth birthday, I was given a deck of Taro
  • Expert Zee
    Expert Zee Free Chat
    HI If you are seeking answers with satisfactory outcome then come inside and chat with me today
  • Psychic Angel
    Psychic Angel Text Chat
    I am natural born 4th generation psychic, medium with the Gift to tell all, Past, Present & Future.
  • Megan
    Megan Offline
    Expert in Love & RelationshipsI speak: English
  • Mystic Andrea
    Mystic Andrea Offline
    Expert in Love & RelationshipsI speak: Russian, Romanian, Thai
  • Psychic S Bright
    Psychic S Bright Offline
    Are you feeling lost and not knowing who to turn to? He is an experienced claircognizant and clairvo
  • Psychic Ange
    Psychic Ange Offline
    Expert in Love & RelationshipsI speak: English, Spanish, Italian
  • Psychic Coach
    Psychic Coach Offline
    love relationship , business .journey,all life issues ,reunion and return of your lost love,dreams
  • LoveExpert
    LoveExpert Offline
    Expert in Love & RelationshipsI speak: English
  • PsychicLuna
    PsychicLuna Offline
    kind and patient services. quick answers straight from the heart
    Don't hesitate to ask!
  • PsychicRena
    PsychicRena Offline
    Hello, my name is Rena. I am a 3rd generation psychic, spiritualist, palmist, reader and advisor.
  • Power of Psychic
    Power of Psychic Offline
    Real Psychic | Real Advice on Love & Money | Relationships & Soul Mates. Career Updates. Accurate.
  • wanderingspiritnic
    wanderingspiritnic Offline
    Hi I'm wanderingspiritnic, I'm a psychic empath with clairsentient & clairvoyance. I have 25 yrs exp
  • Love Assurance.
    Love Assurance. Offline
    let me help you about your Relationship,EX,Soulmate,Caree r and much more.I helped thousand of people
  • love rays
    love rays Offline
    I am a Clairvoyant and I have been successfully reading for my clients over the years with my meticulous predictions and precise insights about their issues in their lives. I see images and hear voices and interpret what i see and hear with the help of spirits and guides. I also do tarot card reading and psychic reading by taking minimum amount of information and connects with the root of the issues. My readings will give you a clear idea about where you are standing in your life or in a relationship and it will help you gain perspective and understand so that you can direct your life with both eyes open. I am glad and fortunate to be a part of this excellent community which gives me an opportunity to enrich my god gifted ability to help the clients and allow them to see a better scenario of their life.
  • psychic broad
    psychic broad Offline
    I can let you know who is your soul mate and answer all law related questions with the help,,,,,,,,,
  • psychic JOLIA
    psychic JOLIA Offline
    I am a psychic, astrologer and tarot card reader. I have been using my gifts since I was a child.
  • PowertoPhy
    PowertoPhy Offline
  • PsychicHekite
    PsychicHekite Offline
    Hello, my name is Psychic Hekite, I am excited to help everyone with any issue in their life. I neve
  • love guide
    love guide Offline
    My name is zafar and I am the RELATIONSHIP expert. I am a natural born psychic and have improved .
  • Luna Tarot
    Luna Tarot Offline
    Hi my name is Luna I am a tarot card reader, Empath, and Clairsentient.
    *Only Email
    *No calls sorry
    JEAM STAR Offline
    i have all answer to your life no matter subject .spacial love &relationship
  • Psychic Mansaa
    Psychic Mansaa Offline
    I Am Psychic Mansaa i Am profesional Psychic I Am Love And Relationship and other psychic Master.
  • AriesLove
    AriesLove Offline
    Good or bad, I only say what is being brought through to me, But said with a Compassionate Heart.
  • lezi love
    lezi love Offline
    My readings come from the heart and are very empowering. I believe in establishing a trust .........
  • JoNiA sam
    JoNiA sam Offline
    psychic born ........
  • Expert Nage
    Expert Nage Offline
    My name is Expert Nage and have improved my abilities and my powers by meditating and utilizing myse
  • psychics Noreen
    psychics Noreen Offline
    i am expert in love i have five stars who can tell you the future
  • psychic jhoan
    psychic jhoan Offline
    I can help you with problems to help fix a broken marriage or relationship. I can help if you are being mistreated, abused, battered, verbally mistreated, cheated on, or any other horrible thing that has happened to you! I have life experiences that God has brought me through and I am here to do the same for you!
  • Miss_Sherry
    Miss_Sherry Offline
    - Tarot Readings
    - Past Life
    - Pet Readings (yes, pet readings!)
    - Chakra Alignment & Training
    - M
  • Mallazyr
    Mallazyr Offline
    Love and Relationship Expert! Honest and Straightforward! Offering a valuable male perspective.
  • Loveing Angel
    Loveing Angel Offline
    Hi and welcome! Let me introduce myself to you. I am Loveing Angel and here to help you.
  • LovePsychic
    LovePsychic Offline
    ⭐I use my gifts to help you see clearly and find your true path towards prosperity and happiness.⭐I
  • Impressive
    Impressive Offline
    I'm a natural born God gifted psychic. I have been doing this for 7 years. I help people all around the world get back on the right path... no job too big or too small. I help in all matters of life, including love, relationships, money, career, business, family, friends, about died people, sex education, children, remove negative spells, mind reading, heart feeling, and so much more. Are you confused about a person you love and care for? Do you want to know if he or she is your soulmate or if he or she is cheating on you? Don't wait any longer!
  • Psychic athan
    Psychic athan Offline
    I have been psychic my whole life. Worked with many to help ease their minds and lift their hearts! Spirit are always around us and do help us every day. Please allow me the chance to bring hope and happiness back to your heart.. It is what we do deserve in life. I am very generous with my time however I can not do FREE READS. please consider this when comming to see me. thank you I am also an Identical twin born under Gemini! These two things combined give me great skill to see things others simply can not!
  • Crystal Rose
    Crystal Rose Offline
    Master Psychic/Tarot Reader/Healer/Yi-Jing/Numerolo gy/Runes/Astrology gu
  • spiritualpenelope
    spiritualpenelope Offline
    psychic advisor relationship expert specializing in immediate truthful life guidance contact me now
  • Psychic Sure
    Psychic Sure Offline
    pick the opportunities in your future and make things better for you,let me empower your spirit.
  • Psychic_Clarity
    Psychic_Clarity Offline
    I’m a natural Born Psychic. I really take pleasure in helping people.