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    I have been offering some "Deep Listening" sessions of late. And after every session, I realise how
  • LifeReader
    LifeReader Free Chat
    Do you want to know about Past, Present and Future Love ? Who is your Soul mate and who's Not ? I also tell you about Career give Advice on all matters of Life, tell you what you need to hear not just what you want. Straight forward and truthful whether Good or Bad.
    Born Psychic. I have years of experience and working on web for years of compassionate connective abilities to offer to anyone in their personal search for inner peace and understanding of self and other. I am aspect and destined to do this work. In addition, I have been psychic since years offering service personal, family and friends.
    Gifted by birth and Spiritual wisdom to sense the people's feelings and true intentions and life issues...
  • Psychic  James
    Psychic James Free Chat
    I am a passionate truth teller. So, I help with my heart and I will tell you only what i read.
  • Psychic George
    Psychic George Text Chat
    The concept of reading came to me early. As a gift for my tenth birthday, I was given a deck of Taro
  • Psychic S Bright
    Psychic S Bright Offline
    Are you feeling lost and not knowing who to turn to? He is an experienced claircognizant and clairvo
  • Lover Returner
    Lover Returner Offline
    I offer my clients accurate readings for past, present and future
  • Lady Maria
    Lady Maria Offline
    Expert in Psychic MediumsI speak: English, Spanish
  • Psychic Coach
    Psychic Coach Offline
    love relationship , business .journey,all life issues ,reunion and return of your lost love,dreams
  • LoveExpert
    LoveExpert Offline
    Expert in Psychic MediumsI speak: English
  • Experthadi
    Experthadi Offline
    Expert in Psychic MediumsI speak: English
  • ginger
    ginger Offline
    Professional Scottish Astrologer. Quick connection and fast typing. Special low price for a limited time only. Try me
  • solution expert
    solution expert Offline
    I am blessed with gift of clairvoyance, giving me the ability to convey messages from a higher power. I have been helping people for over 10 years, communicating with Angels and Spirit Guides. Your reading with me will be to the point, and contain answers of truth. I can teach you how to detach the negative energy that is controlling you, and regain your sanity through the help of God and his Angels. I am being honest with the answers I receive. Let me offer solutions to your problems with crystal and colors healing. I have assisted many people of all lifestyles to a better relationship, love, marriage, reunite, career, health, etc. PLEASE HAVE YOUR QUESTIONS READY, and do keep in mind, I may have to ask questions to get a clear and fast answer for you. Please leave feedback when you have completed your session with me.
  • Psychicvivian
    Psychicvivian Offline
    Expert in Psychic MediumsI speak: English
  • psychic maera
    psychic maera Offline
    Are You Seeking the Answers to life's questions,join me for clarity in relationship & career.
    Expert in Psychic MediumsI speak: English
  • Ameliafalls
    Ameliafalls Offline
    Specializing in love all matters of life all walks of life
  • hotoyapsychic
    hotoyapsychic Offline
    Expert in Psychic MediumsI speak: English
  • Love_Expert
    Love_Expert Offline
    Hello friends my God gifted abilities will guide you in all areas of life. A real guideline here.
  • Lovelyroses1980
    Lovelyroses1980 Offline
    When a psychic medium/healer does readings on you., he/she actually helps your soul and motivates yo
  • Zaibi1
    Zaibi1 Offline
    Expert in Psychic MediumsI speak: English
  • Lovelyroses
    Lovelyroses Offline
    I am a Psychic medium with 7 years experience and i know how to connect with psychic medium energy.
  • esther rios
    esther rios Offline
    De niña ya me sentia diferente a los demas, creo que naci con el don. Me siento a veces confundida por ello asi que te pido tu apoyo y tu paciencia. Yo prometo ayudarte a ti pero tambien espero que tu me ayudes a mi.

    esto es un intercambio de energias donde amb@s conseguimos un progreso espiritual. Tan solo pido FE.
  • Alizma
    Alizma Offline
    Expert in Psychic MediumsI speak: English
  • Psychic Michael
    Psychic Michael Offline
    When you call me, you will receive warm and caring insight from a well respected, ethical Reader. I
  • Psychic Aleem
    Psychic Aleem Offline
    Expert in Psychic MediumsI speak: English
  • Paradise Love
    Paradise Love Offline
    I am a natural God blessed in psychic reader with great authority specially the affected person thorough socially mentally spiritually and financially problems. My knowledge and experience will provide best result to such damage individuals to become free calm and relax person and live charming life through live connection with me .Their wifi trust will provide proper solution of their problem in crisis situation by best coaching by care love and affection.
    I am a perceptive player will scan your problem by mutual talking and best relation , l will target your critical problems and my tool box meeting boost their potential to resolve the main problem through proper guideline and motivation . I am an honest compassionate and competent person my coaching ability will change the whole scenario of their trouble life to live a peaceful and prosperous life .As HSE officer experience it will make more easy to mould and motivate your mentality according to information and knowledge become more safe and secure your life .
    I have great believe that we can change everything due to hard work determination commitment and specially the technique of politeness, kindness frank talking friendship as a psychic reading, I I am true ,just, fair, clear, upright and honest in thought speech and deeds.
    As psychic reading I would get a chance to building the character of my people giving them liberal outlook in life.It is perhaps the highest honor to influence, educate and train the customer and prepare for their future life.
  • spiritual star
    spiritual star Offline
    Specialists in career and finances and reunited soulmates
    I am a psychic tarot card reader I can and
  • Psychic Kelly
    Psychic Kelly Offline
    Expert in Psychic MediumsI speak: English
  • Love explain
    Love explain Offline
    Expert in Psychic MediumsI speak: English
  • PsychicRoper
    PsychicRoper Offline
    Contact me for ACCURATE and HONEST, non-judgmental readings.
  • love love
    love love Offline
    HI I am 8th generation born psychic i have god powers if you want any help for good& bright
  • shunela
    shunela Offline
    Hi i am 8th generation born psychic with god powers i can tell you past presnt and future...........
  • Psychic Amber
    Psychic Amber Offline
    I have always been connected with the spirit realm. As a child
  • Cute Result
    Cute Result Offline
    Knowledge with practice always works for the betterment of humanity so keep connect with each other
  • sundaspsychic
    sundaspsychic Offline
    Expert in Psychic MediumsI speak: English
  • psychicdeya
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    Hello my name is spirit expert i can tell you abut love relationship and other issues of life ......
  • lovereaader
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    Expert in Psychic MediumsI speak: English
  • Perfect solution
    Perfect solution Offline
    Expert in Psychic MediumsI speak: English
  • Sablesvisions
    Sablesvisions Offline
    Divine Detailed Insight Of Past, Present, Future,& thoughts an intentions of others And Time-frames
  • Inspiring Truth
    Inspiring Truth Offline
    I am a clairvoyant psychic with 15 years experience, fourth generation. I will give you real and honest answers for all love questions, finance, and family matters.