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Welcome to my live chat room. Type in the box to ask about my Readings.

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Whether you Believe or Not, but planet always effect on our future and, from the vibration of planet we always obey and behave, your Birth chart is a Mirror of your life, you will find-out everything from your birth chart about , your Health, Wealth, love-relationship, child, career, family relation, money, richness, status,Business, path of life, etc, perfectly, Astrology always predict perfect about your life, and Astrology always work with particular principle,. What your star are indicating about your life, i will predict perfectly from Ancient Indian Astrology and Secret of Planet system, which system perfect and rare in the world, I have 10 years vast experience of Horoscope and chart reading, Helping many of people from my expertise knowledge of astrology. I am only scientific astrologer, i am not believe in any blind faith, and Gem stone. but, I know the secret of planets that how they work and effect us..


Spirituality & Religion > Astrology
Spirituality & Religion > Love Guidance
Spirituality & Religion > Psychic Medium & Healing

Experience and Qualifications

I have been born with this gift to read people and give them insights on there life path. I have been doing readings since I was 9-10 years old. I come from a long line of psychics in my family as well. I will give you the good news and the bad news. I will give you an honest reading which is not straight out of a fairy tale! You can ask me any question of your choice, and I will answer it to the best of my ability.


Firestarter 30 June in 07:04 good reading...waiting eagerly for his predictions to happen. will come back again and again.
cgray 29 May in 20:00 This reader really knows his stuff I think he is absolutely spot on with his assessment of my situation. He is a very gifted psychic and needs little info and is extremely detailed and accurate. He will tell you the honest truth and no nonsense. I lo
Lucy J 29 May in 19:34 Always excellent at seeing the truth behind the situation Many thanks ❤️
Natalotus 28 May in 00:00 Definitely a tough session for me just because things are tough right now but I appreciate the honesty:)
izzy 27 May in 23:55 Quick to connect, very friendly, hope it’s true! Xx
koshka 27 May in 20:13 He managed to give a quick reading.. Hope predictions will unfold like he said.. :)
Firestarter 29 March in 21:00 accurate reader..had a great reading with him today and will come back again and again.
Today 28 March in 19:54 Angel psychic is very caring, willing to give answers. I got great reading, so I hope that it will happen. He confirmed, what i feel.
Firestarter 2 March in 18:59 i give him 5 stars....he is an accurate reader and i love taking pvts from him. He realls sees it accurately and tells u as is....
naselalove 14 February in 16:47 good reader
Firestarter 10 February in 19:13 Very accurate reader. Tells you the truth as is. He can also see future. I highly recommend him. He is a must try for private chat.
aneesah 22 January in 23:54 enjoyed the reading and cleared a lot of conflicts I had.
mh786447 22 January in 21:22 Again the best Psych ever! would recommend anyone to join this Psych. Accurate and fast. Only tells the truth!
mh786447 21 January in 20:56 Fast and tells the truth only. Tells it exactly how it is. Removes all negative energy and whether in love or in career this expert has given the truth and clarity that I seek for. I personally would recommend anyone to this expert. He is brilliant.